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Ningshing 2022 New Recruits’ First Orientation Training
In order to make new employees fully understand the development process, business philosophy and corporate culture of Ningshing, to learn the company's rules and regulations, and to inspire their enthusiasm and passion to contribute to their new recruits, Ningshing held the 2022 new comers’ orientation training course at Ningbo Hotel on September 21st. There were 89 new employees from headquarters and subordinate companies participating in the training course.At the beginning of the training, Ms. Gao Ping, Vice Chairman and Party secretary of Ningshing, gave a report about the company's development course and corporate culture, which described its three transformation stages of development and its struggle history for more than 20 years. She requested the new recruits to closely integrate personal career, deeply understand the company’s core culture, and cherish Ningshing's platform and opportunities, develop and devote themselves in Ningshing.Five outstanding senior staff representatives, namely Mr. Shen Guinian, Ms. Lu Shengji, Mr. Jiang Jie, Mr. Cai Yiwei and Ms. Zheng Congcong, shared their growth and experiences in Ningshing. And the H&R Department from Ningshing headquarter explained the Employee manual and the company management system & regulation. Mr. Liu Yue, a teacher from Mingbo Training School, gave a lecture on team building, structural communication skills and self-management, helping new recruits improve their professionalism and work efficiency.This training was a compulsory course for new recruits, and it also marked they had enter a new chapter of their career. New recruits have shown great confidence and desire to improve their abilities, enhance their sense of responsibility and belonging and actively make contribution to Ningshing.
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