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Deputy Head of Haishu District Visited Ningshing
On May 17th, a delegation led by Mr. Xu Hongtao, Deputy Head of Ningbo Haishu district, visited Ningshing Holdings. Ms. Gaoping, Vice Chairman and Secretary of the Party Committee of Ningshing, and heads of the headquarter and related subsidiaries such as Ningshing Trading Group and Ningshing Ubay, participated in the meeting.Vice Chairman Gao Ping welcomed Mr. Xu and his delegation and briefly introduced the main business sectors and the current operation of Ningshing. Mr. Zhanglei, General Manager of Ningshing Trading Group, reported the company's import and export situation and the general foreign trade business in the first four months of this year. Additionally, he suggested that government provide supports on logistic assurance and incentive policy during the epidemic. Ms. Shi Chenjia, Vice President and General Manager of Ningshing Ubay, briefly reported some cross-border e-commerce problems that the company was facing at present, and expressed her wish to have more support from the local government authorities. Finally, Ms. Gao concluded that Ningshing would continue to be based on innovation, hard work and make continuous breakthroughs. She also suggested that the municipal and district governments should implement policies and measures to help enterprises to have access to multi-dimensional and multi-channel support, including support from banks and related channels.Mr. Xu acknowledged Ningshing's achievements in difficult times under the impact of the pandemic, highlighting the results from import and export performances. He fully recognized the company's diversified specialization and integrated business development of trade, industry and research. He also emphasized that Haishu government would strengthen the support and protection for the key foreign trade enterprises, and help to solve the problems raised by the companies as soon as possible.
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